Welcome to the Barrett Industries Employee Portal

The Barrett Employee Portal is designed to help you find important forms and policies related to topics such as benefits enrollment, payroll, company policies, and more. You can also find the people you need to talk to in your region and how to reach them from the “Regional Contacts” page. Lastly, the “Links” page has a comprehensive list of all relative websites for HR needs, Barrett company pages, and Colas pages.

Questions about logging in:Answers:
What do I do if I forget my username?Contact Lauren Depue at ldepue@hriinc.com to look up your username for you
What do I do if I forget my email when I have a company email address?

Click on “Lost Your Password” which will appear in red at the top of the screen after attempting an incorrect password. The steps will guide you through the correct process to resetting your password.
What do I do if I forget my email and DO NOT have a company email address?Contact Lauren Depue at ldepue@hriinc.com and she will reset your password for you
Questions about the Intranet:Answers:
What is an Intranet?A resourceful private network that is designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate and perform the tasks at hand.
What can be found on the Intranet?Human Resources: Benefits, Forms and Tools, Payroll Forms, Policies and Guidelines

Regional Contacts: Various Regional Staff Contact Information

Resources: Frequently Asked Questions and Links