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The Barrett Employee Portal is designed to help you find important forms and policies related to topics such as benefits enrollment, payroll, company policies, and more. You can also find the people you need to talk to in your region and how to reach them from the “Regional Contacts” page. Lastly, the “Links” page has a comprehensive list of all relative websites for HR needs, Barrett company pages, and Colas pages.

Forms & Tools

Fillable Forms:

For each fillable form please fill out every line that contains an asterisk (*).  Please also select the region that you are located at on every form that you fill out. Once you fill out all required areas and your region you will be able to submit the form directly to your HR supervisor by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form.

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Paid Time Away (PTA) Request Form

Downloadable Forms:

File Name
BIC Personal Leave of Absence Form (2022)
BIC Policy Acknowledgement
BIC Tuition Enrollment Form
Paid Time Away (PTA) Request Form
Tuition Request Form
VeriSafe Jobs Detailed Instructions
VeriSafe Jobs Flyer