As we approach the end of August and the completion of the season is looming out on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to think about ways to make our work easier or safer. You might also be thinking about improving our customers’ experiences when they do business with us. Right now, we are in the midst of our 2020 I-Lab Idea Contest that started back on June 1st. The contest will continue through the month of September and several winners will be declared upon the conclusion.

Here’s what’s at stake:

  • $50 award for every legitimate idea submitted (additional awards for implementation). Awards will be made in October and are redeemable through our 3rd party vendor site for gift cards to restaurants, stores, etc…
  • A Grand Prize for the Winning Region (Food Truck or alternative “COVID-friendly” celebration option)
  • Idea Lab Cup Bragging Rights (the cup currently resides with Jeff Payne’s team in Barrett Midwest Central)
  • Special award for the top individual submitter (TBD)
  • Scoring System – 1 pt for each idea; 2 pts for each idea implemented. Total points for each region will be tallied and then adjusted on a “per employee basis”. The region with the highest points per employee WINS!

So far, we have had about 25 ideas submitted during the contest and a few have already been implemented. Great work! Please take 5-10 mins and think about how to improve things for yourself and your colleagues or even our customers. CLICK HERE to send us any ideas, BIG or small, or you can email your ideas to to help your subsidiary bring home a victory and the Grand Prize celebration event.

We need a new, original t-shirt designed for our Social Media Ambassador program.

In our newly announced Social Media Ambassador Program, we highlighted the prizes that would be available to participants. One of those prizes is the Social Media Ambassador t-shirt. We want YOU to design the shirt! A committee of your peers will vote on their favorite and that will be the official design used for the shirts.

The employee who makes the winning design will get the very first print of the Social Media Ambassador t-shirt as well as a $50 voucher to the Barrett Gear online store.


  1. To SUBMIT your design, you MUST be a current employee of one of the following companies:
    • Barrett Industries Corporation
    • Barrett Paving Materials Inc.
    • HRI, Inc.
    • IA Construction
    • Midland Asphalt Materials Inc.
    • Southern Ohio Paving
    • Spring Creek Corporation
    • Strawser Construction, Inc.
    • Terry Asphalt Materials, Inc.
    • Upstone Materials Inc.
  2. Artwork must be a 100% original design with no copyrighted or licensed imagery.


Submit your original t-shirt design directly to no later than September 4th, 2020.


As we continue to find more innovative ways to showcase our employees and their talents, the Barret Social Media & Marketing Team is asking for your help!

Over the past year, we have made significant milestones within our digital media and social media presence. In order for us to continue showcasing our employees and to curb geographical hurdles, we are searching for Regional Social Media Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, you can help us reach our goal of increasing our online presence by capturing images of your region.

These images will also be beneficial in the building of the Barrett Trail and Colas Crossroads newsletters! We love being able to highlight our people and the amazing work you all do.


There are THREE ways to win!

  1. The top four most liked posts of the month will be selected and posted on our pages to be voted on as the Picture of the Month! The winner receives a $50 credit to the Barrett Gear store!
  2. After your first 10 submissions, you’ll receive a “Social Media Ambassador” hardhat/laptop sticker.
  3. After 25 submissions, you will receive a “Social Media Ambassador” t-shirt!


The vision for our social media is to highlight who we are as a company. With your help, we believe we can achieve this. We want people from all over the company! From field employees to Admin and office staff! The more diverse, the better!!

To get you to start brainstorming on what you would be interested in capturing below are a few ideas for/ opportunities to capture a picture or video

  1. Stretch and Flex
  2. Morning Huddle/Take Time for Safety
  3. Employee recognition (catch someone doing something positive and snap a picture to recognize them)
  4. Drone image
  5. Piece of Equipment
  6. Project/Project progress
  7. A fellow employee on a job site (please make sure they are wearing the proper PPE)
  8. Small groups posed together
  9. Candid photos of someone working


As a Social Media Ambassador, you will be responsible for submitting ONE image per week. These photos should be LANDSCAPE photos (phone held horizontally), no editing necessary. All photos will be submitted to Brett Young and Julia Marrero. Images can be sent via email or text.

With COVID-19 cases rapidly declining in our work areas, a push is underway to open our offices.

To ensure this is done in a safe manner, the Office Reopening Committee is managing this process.

As geographic areas are deemed safe, regional teams prepare and submit a Risk Mitigation Plan to the committee. The committee reviews the plan and ensures that all key items included in the Office Reopening Plan, such as social distancing measures, proper cleaning schedules, and many others, have been properly addressed. Regions are encouraged to include pictures and/or diagrams that demonstrate the safety action taken to meet the guidelines in the plan.

The State College office was the first to re-open and was granted approval of their plan on May 26th. Some of the highlights of their plan and a few others are listed below.

A special thank you to the members of the Office Reopening Committee for your continued work on this important project.



While adhering to the CDC and other federal guidelines regarding COVID-19, our industry has been fortunate enough to remain open at our plants and continue to do work at our job sites. Areas of the country are beginning to see a decline in the outbreak of the virus and states are beginning to reopen in strategic phases.

Barrett Industries and its subsidiaries continue to implement wide-reaching safety measures to protect our employees, their families, and the communities in which we work. Staff working at our open plants and job sites continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), adhere to strict safety protocols, and practice social distancing whenever possible.

As our country begins to reopen in phases, the complexity of COVID-19 has identified new challenges in welcoming staff back to the office setting. Throughout Barrett Industries we have begun to evaluate how we can safely and effectively do so.

Through thoughtful collaboration, each of our subsidiaries has developed Return to Work Policies & Procedures. In compliance with state and local public health mandates, these guidelines detail new safety measures that must be adhered to by staff working within our offices. These measures include, but are not limited to, health screenings prior to entering the building and wearing a face covering. Additionally, we have temporarily implemented restrictions regarding visitors and altered the process for package deliveries.

We are proud to share that during these trying times, Barrett Industries and its subsidiaries have continued to give back to the communities in which we work. Many of our companies have donated personal protective equipment and other supplies to local healthcare organizations, first responders, and food pantries to ensure that our neighbors remain safe and are able to meet their basic needs.

The greatest asset we have at Barrett Industries is our people. We will continue to work together to ensure the safety of all of our employees. We thank you all for your flexibility, teamwork, and dedication to safety.

For the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself and those around you, visit the Center for Disease Control or World Health Organization website(s).

A statement from Barrett Industries President, Robert Doucet.


Nationally, we are continuing to watch the development of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As an organization, we are being proactive to protect the health and safety of our teams at all of our subsidiaries and the communities in which we work.

At this time, we have implemented measures within our organization to help prevent the exposure and spread of COVID-19 at all of our subsidiaries.

We have asked certain groups of employees to work remotely until further notice and have restricted all domestic and international travel. Our employees at our job sites and plant locations are adhering to strict practices regarding social distancing, proper hand hygiene, and maintaining the sanitation of all equipment.

We will continue to monitor the situation at a national level and adhere to the guidance within each of the states we do business in.

The best way to prevent the spread of infection is to take care of yourself. Continue to make sure your workspaces are disinfected regularly and you are washing your hands with soap & water or hand sanitizer frequently.

It is natural that circumstances like this create anxiety. However, it is important that we keep calm, follow the advice and guidance of government health authorities, and use common sense when evaluating our own health and well-being.

We thank you in advance for doing your part in helping to prevent the spread of this virus and will continue to update this page should there be any change in our business continuity plan.

For the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself and those around you, visit the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization website(s).

40th Celebration

Week #37 of the 40 Weeks of Barrett is our 40th Celebration Week. Let’s take the week to celebrate Barrett Industries turning 40! Throughout the week, we will celebrate Barrett’s history and achievements.

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Top 40

It’s week #36 of the 40 Weeks of Barrett and we’re calling it “Top 40” week! Throughout the week, we will be taking a look back at our top weekly themes, posts, photos, and more!

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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we should be thankful for.

Thankful for our families that support us in our daily responsibilities, our co-workers that contribute to the team’s efforts, especially our crews on the roads and at our plants delivering safe and quality products and projects for our customers.

“We thank you for your hard work, dedication, efficiency, and generosity and we wish you the best for the Holidays by concentrating on the presence of safety in everything you do so we can all enjoy life!”