Entries by Brett Young

2020 Barrett I-Lab Idea Contest

As we approach the end of August and the completion of the season is looming out on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to think about ways to make our work easier or safer. You might also be thinking about improving our customers’ experiences when they do business with us. Right now, we […]

T-Shirt Design Contest!

We need a new, original t-shirt designed for our Social Media Ambassador program. In our newly announced Social Media Ambassador Program, we highlighted the prizes that would be available to participants. One of those prizes is the Social Media Ambassador t-shirt. We want YOU to design the shirt! A committee of your peers will vote […]

Become a Social Media Ambassador!

As we continue to find more innovative ways to showcase our employees and their talents, the Barret Social Media & Marketing Team is asking for your help! Over the past year, we have made significant milestones within our digital media and social media presence. In order for us to continue showcasing our employees and to […]

Office Reopening Plan

With COVID-19 cases rapidly declining in our work areas, a push is underway to open our offices. To ensure this is done in a safe manner, the Office Reopening Committee is managing this process. As geographic areas are deemed safe, regional teams prepare and submit a Risk Mitigation Plan to the committee. The committee reviews […]

UPDATED Statement on COVID-19

UPDATED JUNE 16, 2020 While adhering to the CDC and other federal guidelines regarding COVID-19, our industry has been fortunate enough to remain open at our plants and continue to do work at our job sites. Areas of the country are beginning to see a decline in the outbreak of the virus and states are […]