A Farewell to Roseland...

Barrett is moving the corporate office from Roseland, NJ to Hamilton, OH on September 15th.

Barrett’s corporate office has been in the same building since being acquired by Colas over 40 years ago. Many important events, decisions, and milestones have occurred within its walls. Many team members, past and present, have memories associated with this facility. While saying goodbye is difficult, the office team is excited about what the future holds.

The 3 Becker Farm Road, Roseland, NJ office should no longer be used.  Mail should now be sent to:

Barrett Industries
8590 Bilstein Boulevard
Hamilton, OH 45015

This decision was made as the end of our lease at the Roseland facility was approaching. Moving to Ohio will allow the corporate office to be closer to operations and use an underutilized asset at our owned building in Hamilton. The transition process is well underway and the helpfulness, positive attitude, and optimism of those impacted by this change is a hallmark of their team spirit and ability to adapt to change.