Biodiversity at Upstone Materials

As you enter Upstone Materials’ Plattsburgh location, you may notice a colorful patch of land adjacent to the entrance.

Once vacant lots, this area is returning to a more natural state through Upstone Materials’ biodiversity initiative. Upstone will continue to do its part to help Colas achieve its biodiversity targets at quarries and gravel pits.

With over twenty-five species of Northeastern Wildflowers, the eye-catching parcel provides a variety of nourishments, essential to the support of native pollinators. Working with the local non-profit, AdkAction, based in nearby Keeseville, NY, Upstone secured a Pollinator yard sign, indicating the company’s willingness to support bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

Furthermore, with an abundance of trees, such as sugar maple, white pine, and box elder, the property provides ample cover and nesting opportunities to a growing number of animals. As a result, Upstone successfully certified the property as a wildlife habitat by teaming up with the National Wildlife Federation, categorizing the land as a thriving environment conducive to flora and fauna support.

The neighbors and community have noticed our colorful patch of land as we continue to field calls on our wildflower fields. Upstone Materials continues to promote its biodiversity initiative as a place to take senior pictures, so in 2022 our wildflower fields will return, and we hope to hear from you!

– Article provided by Nate Pichette