Become a Social Media Ambassador!

As we continue to find more innovative ways to showcase our employees and their talents, the Barret Social Media & Marketing Team is asking for your help!

Over the past year, we have made significant milestones within our digital media and social media presence. In order for us to continue showcasing our employees and to curb geographical hurdles, we are searching for Regional Social Media Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, you can help us reach our goal of increasing our online presence by capturing images of your region.

These images will also be beneficial in the building of the Barrett Trail and Colas Crossroads newsletters! We love being able to highlight our people and the amazing work you all do.


There are THREE ways to win!

  1. The top four most liked posts of the month will be selected and posted on our pages to be voted on as the Picture of the Month! The winner receives a $50 credit to the Barrett Gear store!
  2. After your first 10 submissions, you’ll receive a “Social Media Ambassador” hardhat/laptop sticker.
  3. After 25 submissions, you will receive a “Social Media Ambassador” t-shirt!


The vision for our social media is to highlight who we are as a company. With your help, we believe we can achieve this. We want people from all over the company! From field employees to Admin and office staff! The more diverse, the better!!

To get you to start brainstorming on what you would be interested in capturing below are a few ideas for/ opportunities to capture a picture or video

  1. Stretch and Flex
  2. Morning Huddle/Take Time for Safety
  3. Employee recognition (catch someone doing something positive and snap a picture to recognize them)
  4. Drone image
  5. Piece of Equipment
  6. Project/Project progress
  7. A fellow employee on a job site (please make sure they are wearing the proper PPE)
  8. Small groups posed together
  9. Candid photos of someone working


As a Social Media Ambassador, you will be responsible for submitting ONE image per week. These photos should be LANDSCAPE photos (phone held horizontally), no editing necessary. All photos will be submitted to Brett Young and Julia Marrero. Images can be sent via email or text.