Office Reopening Plan

With COVID-19 cases rapidly declining in our work areas, a push is underway to open our offices.

To ensure this is done in a safe manner, the Office Reopening Committee is managing this process.

As geographic areas are deemed safe, regional teams prepare and submit a Risk Mitigation Plan to the committee. The committee reviews the plan and ensures that all key items included in the Office Reopening Plan, such as social distancing measures, proper cleaning schedules, and many others, have been properly addressed. Regions are encouraged to include pictures and/or diagrams that demonstrate the safety action taken to meet the guidelines in the plan.

The State College office was the first to re-open and was granted approval of their plan on May 26th. Some of the highlights of their plan and a few others are listed below.

A special thank you to the members of the Office Reopening Committee for your continued work on this important project.