Strawser Construction Inc. - Ann Arbor

It had been many years since the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan programmed a preventive maintenance project.

That changed in 2017/2018 when SCI was awarded a contract to perform Micro Surfacing and Cape Seals on multiple major routes throughout the City of Ann Arbor. With the success of the 2018 project, the city decided to program and award a project to SCI for 2019. Prior to starting work, the City of Ann Arbor decided to add several streets to the project, nearly tripling its size. This was a direct result of the excellent customer service and high-quality work they received in 2018. As of July 11th, SCI Crews have successfully completed the first half of the 2019 project.

A special thanks goes out to all of those involved in the project including the Chip Seal Crew lead by foreman Rodney Bond, the Micro Surfacing Crew lead by foreman Elijah Caudill, Project Manager Andrew Friend, and Senior Estimator Doug Perry. Great job!

“Overall the City of Ann Arbor is pleased with the pavement preservation work performed thus far by Strawser Construction including that recently completed on Packard Road and within several city neighborhoods. We are confident these micro surfacing and cape seal treatments will perform as expected and consider them to be valuable tools for use in improving and maintaining our major and local street networks and achieving our pavement asset management goals.”
-David A. Dykman, P.E. – Project Manager

Facts about Micro Surfacing

  • Designed in the late 1970s in Germany to fill wheel ruts on the Autobahn
  • Introduced and constructed in the US in the early 1980s
  • Categorized as a cold mix – eco-friendly
  • Two methods of installation:
    • Truck mount operation – commonly used for residential projects
    • Continuous operation – commonly used for highway applications