HRI - Bloomsburg Flood Risk Management Expansion Project

In 2011, Tropical Storm Lee caused flooding to the Town of Bloomsburg from the Susquehanna River which equated to a significant amount of damages.

The Town and its 14,000 residence were nearly left in ruins forcing to rebuild once the water subsided. Since then, the Bloomsburg Town officials have been working to create measures to prevent this from happening again.

In April 2019, HRI’s Heavy and Environmental Construction Region began working on the levee system to protect over 100 homes, 30 businesses, the Bloomsburg Fire Department, Public Works Department, and the Middle and High Schools. The levee extension includes over 140,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 3,000 cubic yards of concrete for new pump stations and closure structures, and almost 5,000 feet of pipe ranging from 15” to 72” in diameter. HRI East Region will be handling the paving work for the project as well.

As the proverb goes “Make hay while the sun shines.” HRI’s craftsmen have been working 12 to 15 hour days to meet the rigorous schedule. We’d like to thank them and their families not only for their hard work but their commitment and dedication to keep the project on schedule.

Project Team

  • Foremen: Bill Rickert (Earthwork), Tom Daniels (Pipe), James Bookwalter (Pipe), Dave Woodard (Pipe), Shawn Broadwater (Concrete), JR Rowe (Concrete), and Dan Dick (Concrete)
  • Survey: Tom Loke and Loy Kreider, drone pictures by Kris Noel
  • Senior Project Engineer: Matt Degma
  • Project Superintendent: Mike Rascavage
  • General Superintendents: Brian Ormsby and Bill Weicenburg
  • Senior Project Manager: Curt Reese
  • Region Manager: Charlie Fuller
  • Engineering by: Borton-Lawson
  • Inspection by: Greenman-Pederson, Inc.