Heroes - Scott McNally

At the young age of 18, Scott McNally knew that college was not for him.

Like every teenager when they graduate, the question of “what are you going to do with yourself now that you graduated high school” is presented. Scott knew that college was not for him but needed to figure out what path to take so that he could make something of himself. He decided to join the United States Army.

Scott served for 3 years as a Ground Surveillance System Operator 96R MI Schofield Barracks. Thinking back to his journey, it’s hard to choose what his most memorable experience was. One major impactful event was when he had to assist in helping save his first Sergeants life. While building a rope bridge, one rope snapped and the end nearly amputated the Sergeants arm. Scott came to the rescue by applying first aid and field medic techniques.

Throughout Scott’s time with the army, he gained a lot of friends that still today can be considered his “brothers.” Today, Scott currently works for Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. as an Operator.

Thank you for your service, Scott!