Heroes - Jason Manchester

In which Armed Forces branch did you serve?

US Navy Seabees as a Construction Equipment Mechanic

How long did you serve?

8 years Active Duty, 6 years and counting in the Reserves. He plans to make the full 20 years!

What made you decide to serve?

Jason says he needed some direction in life and was ready to experience things the everyday person could not.

What is your most memorable or impactful experience over the course of your service?

Jason cannot single out just one particular experience or event. He told us it’s really the entire experience throughout his 14 years of service. One of the biggest things about the military is the brotherhood. The people he has served with have become a second family.

It is a part of my life I will never forget.
– Jason Manchester

Something a lot of his coworkers don’t know is that prior to coming to the Midland family, Jason had 2 phone interviews with Bill Buzzard (Equipment/Shop Manager) while still in Afghanistan. Arriving back state-side, he had a face-to-face interview before accepting the job and moving his family from Louisiana back to New York State.  Jason is in his 5th year with Midland and enjoys working for a company that fully supports his continuing service in the military. Thank you, Midland!