Heroes - Greg Poupore

Safety Officer by day and Volunteer Firefighter by night.

Greg Poupore loves to give back to his community by making sure everyone is staying safe in the event of a fire.

Greg grew up three houses from the fire station and could clearly hear the fire siren blow whenever there was a call.  

He would go outside and watch the fire trucks go by. He couldn’t wait to turn 18 so he could join. Greg’s uncle and several older friends belonged to the Fire Department and they would let him help out at the fundraisers before he turned 18. When he turned 18, Greg got to be a full-time member and has been ever since!

This coming May will be Greg’s 30th anniversary serving his community. Greg has held the position of First Assistant Fire Chief for 25 years and was nominated firefighter of the year in 1997. He also volunteers at the County level. As a Deputy Fire Coordinator for the county, he is assigned to the Hazardous Materials Response Team. Greg is a New York State certified hazardous materials technician and also a member of the Clinton County Fire Advisory Board and the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Here’s a little snippet from a local news station featuring Greg after fighting a blazing barn fire: