Hobbies: Bill Smith - Living off the Land

When you think of hunters, gathers, and foragers you may tend to think of the Stone Age. 

In place of nuts and berries, wooly mammoths, cave bears, and stone weapons, Bill Smith (QC Manager – HRI Inc.) has found a way to modernized these ancient traditions.

By foraging for mushrooms, hunting fish, moose, bear, turkeys, ducks, and deer all while using aggregates in his day-to-day life, Bill keeps the spirit of the Stone Age alive.

Over the last 11 years, Bill has caught an astounding 19,450 panfish (trust us – he has a spreadsheet where he keeps count!) and has traveled to other countries in order to live off of the land. Bill is never one to let anything go to waste and has hosted numerous fish fry’s for the HRI offices as well as his local church. For what he can’t use fresh, Bill gives away or cans and keeps on his impressive canning shelf.

If you run into Bill don’t hesitate to ask for the best places to hunt/fish in PA, what wild mushrooms are truly edible without making you sick, or just to hear some of his stories. You won’t be disappointed.