Hobbies: Clint Chuayprathis - Love for LEGO®

Clint Chuayprathis always loved LEGOs® as a kid.

Once during a high school physics competition, he received second place using motorized LEGOs® to move an object from one side of an obstacle course to another. Had he not shared his design with a fellow classmate (who took first place) he probably would have won!

Clint’s interest in LEGOs® didn’t resurface until several years ago when his wife jokingly decided to sign him up for the free LEGO® Quarterly magazine. He just happened to be flipping through the pages and came across a 2-in-1 model of a Bucket Wheel Excavator that could be rebuilt into a Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant (portable crusher). Working for Barrett Paving, Clint knew he had to have this and along with purchasing the Volvo Excavator and Mining Truck, he took upon himself to design a functional LEGO® Quarry and Maintenance Shop that is now on display in his office.