Hobbies: Bobye Bickel - Furniture Repurposing

Bobye Bickel loves taking someone else’s trash and giving “her” a new life. You’ll notice that Bobye calls all of her repurposed items “she/her.”

“Because when you repurpose her beauty in the piece, she just needs to be a she!” – Bobye Bickel

After working with numbers all day, Bobye goes home and straight into her garage to start working, sanding, cleaning, or painting. It’s a great stress relief for her. She enjoys “junkin’” as repurposed folks call it. Bobye gets some of the best pieces along the side of the road as in the picture of the “Lane” cedar chest, that her son found at the curb. She gets a kick out of it because now her adult children scope out old furniture waiting for the landfill and pick it up! The cedar chest was in rough shape, so Bobye had to take all the laminate off the top and replaced it with a cushioned seat. Someone had cut part of the legs off so those were all replaced. Lastly, she painted and added the molds you see to decorate it.

The rocker was a $7.00 find at the thrift store! “She” was very sad so Bobye stripped it down and now “she” shines. The newly revitalized rocker went to a home as a gift to the homeowner who is disabled and needed furniture to furnish her new apartment.

The little table at the bottom was also a thrift store find in rough shape. “She” needed all her legs tightened up and the scroll work needed re-nail and glued. Now, “she” is a study, beautiful, romantic table for two. All “she” needs is a bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses!