Travel & Tourism Week: Roseland, NJ

Roseland is the home to Barrett Industries’ main office. When the Barrett Paving Division was purchased from Allied Chemical in 1979, Allied’s corporate office was in Morristown. The Barrett Corporate office remained at Allied Chemical until they moved to the office in Roseland. Roseland was selected because of the easy access to major airports, making it easier to travel to our locations as well as international travel.

Before Barrett moved to the current Roseland location, the land used to be owned by a dairy farm called Becker Farm located on Becker Farm Road. The building that the corporate office is located in was the first to be built on the property. Before development had increase you could look across the parking lot and see the cows grazing.

With only 30 minutes from New York City and an hour from the Jersey shore and the Pennsylvania border; this little town can keep you busy. If you feel like staying local or do not want to travel far check out these historic unique cities—Morristown, Madison & Montclair.

Known as the “military capital of the American Revolution” as well as George Washington’s winter headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

Before the borough of Madison received its name the quiet little city was called “Bottle Hill.” By 1834 Bottle Hill changed its name to Madison to honor President James Madison. The borough is also known as the “Rose City” due to its historically rich community and was at one point the number one producer of roses in the world.

Within this city, you can find a unique group of writers, artists, and musicians. As you explore Montclair, its vibrant downtown center has everything from delicious restaurants to shopping. Home to Montclair State University people can explore the Yogi Berra Museum as well as the Montclair Art Museum.

We put together a list of some of the best-of-the-best in and around Roseland:



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