40 Week Ambassador Van Reveal!

The 40 Week Ambassador Van is here!

After many design changes and a whole lot of customizing, the 40 Week Ambassador Van is ready!

We are excited to reveal the 40 Week Ambassador van to all of Barrett Industries. We started out with the blank slate of a Ford Transit cargo van…

The van was in good shape and a clean slate. From here, we started brainstorming how to outfit the inside to make it ideal for visiting crews. It needed to have plenty of storage options for safety gear like cooling products, first aid kits, ice packs, heat and sun beating items, and of course, snacks! The 40 Week steering team also wanted a way to bring the content and videos from this event out to our men and women in the field. We decided the best way to do that was to outfit the back of the van as a multi-purpose media center.

Next was the design phase. The van needed to stand out like a giant moving billboard for the 40 Weeks of Barrett. We knew that we wanted to be noticed and to leave an impact. The team at Underground Wraps (https://www.undergroundwraps.com/) near the Midland – Tonawanda office presented us with a striking design and the perfect mixture of technology and storage.

There she is! The final product of months of planning and deliberating is the ideal solution to all of our needs. The van sports our 40 Weeks of Barrett event logo and color scheme on a sharp-looking vinyl wrap on the outside. The inside of the van’s main storage area has multiple shelves and drawers to store everything to keep our people safe and refueled including first aid kits, insect repellent wipes, sunscreen, electrolyte drink packets, pain relievers, antibacterial wipes, tick removal tools, and snacks…LOTS of snacks.

When you open the back doors, a large-screen television with a high-powered soundbar is revealed. Perfect for hooking up a mobile device to show off out 40 Week videos to the crews! Also in the back, you’ll find two cooler/freezer drawers. We’ll be storing ice cold waters, and electrolyte-replacing freezie pops here.

The main goal of this van is to give thanks to our crews and bring them some items to coll them down and cheer them up. All of you built this van and we’re bringing it around to crews to show you just one result of your hard work!

Thanks to all of you out there working on crews, in our plants, at our quarries, and in the office. You all built this and it’s coming to you soon!