Since we launched Goal Zero in 2012, we have continually improved our Health and Safety performance.

We have seen an encouraging decrease in the frequency of injuries and incidents. The challenge for all of us is that we are still having incidents with the potential of results that are life-changing or even fatal. As we move forward in 2019, we are introducing the next step in our company’s safety evolution, a progression from Goal Zero to “Living Goal Zero.”

In line with all of the Colas North American Companies, we are introducing Core Lifesaving Icons (similar to Shell’s Lifesaving Rules). We want our employees putting emphasis and focus on the meaning of these icons so everyone can go home safely every single day without any injuries at all. This is a Colas North American Initiative that will, without a doubt, work to eliminate life altering and fatal injuries. We are introducing these core icons throughout Barrett Industries, which will need to be embodied by all employees, all of the time, and without exception. Our 8 Core Life Saving Icons are as follows:

  1. Hazard Control
  2. Competency
  3. Line of Fire
  4. Fall Prevention
  5. Road Safety
  6. Impairment
  7. Energy Isolation
  8. Health Hazards

The idea behind the Life-Saving Icons is to ensure that our companies’ safety systems, policies and procedures, job planning, training efforts, and job hazard control will be implemented with the ultimate goal of preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities in our workplace, otherwise known as S-I-F prevention. It is important to note that this is nothing new for any of us. This is simply to focus your emphasis on what can seriously injure or even fatally injure one of our employees. Each icon identifies simple actions we can take to protect ourselves and others.

Are you ready to Live Goal Zero?!