Michael Healey - 41 Years

Michael Healey Jr. joined the HRI family in June of 1978.

A simple recommendation can take a person far. Michael was attending the Clearfield Vo-Tech School when Gerald Diehl from the HRI Quarry was looking for a student to join the HRI team. Michael’s instructor recommended him and he has been with HRI ever since. Michael was very gracious for the opportunity that was given to him.

During his 41 year journey, one of Michael’s favorite projects was the working at the Curtain Gap shop for Robert Weaver. HRI he has seen many changes within his career when it comes to welding and mechanics, technology, company cultural growth and improvements to safety. By implementing our safety process it has changed the attitudes and behaviors of all levels.

“Working for a company that puts a huge emphasis on safety is great; after all when it comes to safety it is about the personal choices we make.”

Some of Michael’s biggest influencers have been Robert Weaver, Dennis Maney, and Gerald Diehl as all 3 mentors have taught him everything that he knows today!

Thank you, Michael, for your hard work and dedication to HRI Inc.