Malcolm Witherite - 41 Years

Approximately, when were you hired?
June 12, 1978

Why did you come/apply to Barrett/HRI
I applied to HRI because I was looking for a job that would provide room for advancements

Can you recall how you felt on your first day?
On my first day, I was nervous and excited.

How has your career evolved over the last 40 years? (Career Changes: promotions, technology updates, etc..)
Over the years my career has evolved from hard laborer to using more modern tools.

What was your favorite project/position that you had the opportunity to work on?
One of my favorite positions that I had was the ability to do was faster tarping methods, 3 in 1 grader.

What changes, if any, did you notice when HRI became a part of Colas?
The changes that I noticed was the safety culture and how employees are encouraged to find safer practices no matter what the job is.

How has the company culture changed over the years?
The company culture has changed by taking the time to train and discuss employees on the importance of safety.

How has our safety culture evolved over the course of your career?
With the Goal Zero our organization is moving towards less accidents and injuries

What does it mean/how has it affected you/your job to be a part of a culture that puts such a huge emphasis on safety?
By finding safer practices at work, the safety culture allows us to not just focus on safe practices on the job but also in our personal lives.

How has HRI, as a whole, grown and matured over the years regarding culture, leadership, and direction?
HRI has grown over the years by focusing on a “Do Better” attitude.

Who have been your biggest influencers within HRI?
My biggest influencers have been Robert Weaver and Ken Shirk.

What advice would you give the past YOU on his/her first day?
The advice that I would give my past self on my first day would be, “pay attention and take every experience as a learning opportunity.”

What has been your proudest/most memorable moment or milestone in your career?
It is always a memorable moment when I get recognized for a job well done.

If you could describe in one word what HRI means to you, what would it be?
I would describe HRI in one word as security.