IA Construction Helps Local Bike Trail

When the Allegheny Valley Trails Association (AVTA) called IA for help on one of the local bike trails, IA was more than happy to help!

After all, this was a portion of bike trail that IA had previously paved years ago. The problem with these trails along the Allegheny River and other creeks is they are surrounded by forests with trees right up to the edge of them. Over time, tree roots growing under the trails push up the asphalt and need to be ground down for a smoother trail ride by the trail users.

Pictured left to right: Bill Weller – AVTA, Keith Shawgo – IA, Greg Hornberger – IA, Cory Wolbert – IA

So, before the bike season began, IA took a small crew and some equipment down to the trail and performed some maintenance work on a portion in need of attention. The local bike trails are a valuable asset to the surrounding communities and IA is proud to be a part of the effort to keep these trails in safe, good working order for the pleasure of the trail users. This should help for the upcoming biking season, as thousands of bike trail users will be hitting the trails.

IA grinding/leveling the AVTA Bike Trail

IA sweeping the AVTA Bike Trail