IA Construction Brings “Hang Up And Drive” Campaign to the Region

In 2015, IA Construction (IAC) Regional Manager, Jon Miller wanted to make a difference in the communities with which IAC conducts its work through a “No Texting and Driving” campaign.

Over the last few years, IAC has hosted various activities to raise awareness from local school programs, scholarship contests, golf outings, and hands-on experience by providing a car and a virtual reality headset. All of these have been used to promote safe driving and no texting while driving, all directed at our young drivers.

At the forefront of our program is the relationship IAC has established with Jacy Good and Steve Johnson. Jacy and Steve are nationally recognized public speakers and advocates for cell-free roads and sponsors of the “Hang Up and Drive” campaign.  Since Jacy’s miraculous recovery from a life-altering 2008 crash, caused by a distracted driver that also claimed the lives of both her parents and left her partially paralyzed, they have worked tirelessly to educate the country about the dangers of cell phone use while driving.

Jacy Good and Steve Johnson of the “Hang Up And Drive” campaign

Again this year, IAC sponsored programs ranging for Jacy and Steve visiting various area schools such as Warren Area School, Keystone High School, and Clarion University where they presented “Hang Up and Drive” program. This gives them the opportunity to speak to over 700 students in person about Jacy’s tragedy, her life now, and her life going forward as well as how this could and does happen to people and their families and friends every day.

IAC is proud to sponsor these annual programs and events and will continue to do this going forward with the help of our friends Jacy and Steve and the various school districts within our coverage area.  The impact on younger drivers and our own workforce from these programs will hopefully save lives and reduce the risk factor for incidents while driving.

To learn more about Jacy and Steve and their “Hang Up and Drive” program, please go to http://www.hangupanddrive.com.