HRI, Inc. - CI Team 5

We continue to work together to provide solutions in order to achieve Goal Zero. The following team was formed to address one area where improvement is needed in our safety culture.

The Rapid Improvement Workshop took place on March 5-8, 2019. 

During this week, the team learned what it takes to develop a successful and sustainable safety culture program and applied those skills to design an approach that will be implemented throughout the organization called: Backing Incidents.

Randy Gotshall, HEC High Flat Driver; Mike Ansbach, HEC Plant Supervisor; Mike Malizia, Corp Equipment Manager; Dan Stroud, East Driver; Matt Hopple, HEC Foreman; Hannah Stoddard, East Safety Steering Team Support; Jeff Thompson, HEC Pipe Foreman; John Podliski, Shop Superviosr; Denny Ritchey, HEC Estimator/Project Engineer; Cody McCoy, West Project Manager; Spencer Boone, West Project Manager; Max Strouse, East Driver

First, the team collaborated on a mission statement to guide their work. The Backing Incident purpose statement reads:

Develop backing practices and procedures that identify risk factors, and proactively encourage employee involvement and accountability at all levels, in order to continue moving HRI towards Goal Zero.

The process will be piloted with selected work groups to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the culture. As well as welcome feedback for the team to improve on their process. The process will be piloted with multiple regions starting in May.  Currently, the CI team is in the process of developing a course for all employees that will focus on the HRI backing policy and best backing practices and procedures.  The CI team will be aided by the safety department and human resources to create and teach the course.

Our goal is to continually improve our safety culture so we can ensure everyone gets home safely. The Safety Steering Team and CI Team 5 thank all employees in advance.