Employee Spotlight - Jamie Steiner

1. How did you feel when you were asked to join the Safety Steering Team?

When I was asked to join the SST I felt that my passion for safety was recognized and that I would have a chance to make a difference. I would have a chance to voice concerns from our field personnel having been in their position.

2. What is your role as an SST member?

My role as an SST member is to be actively involved in the Goal Zero process by maintaining what is working well and supporting new initiatives.

3. How have you seen Barrett’s safety culture change since developing the Goal Zero program?

I see more of the workforce positively engaged in making sure that we are doing things safely, and improving processes for the new team members coming on board.

4. What changes have you seen with Barrett since the implementation of Goal Zero and our CI processes?

The main change I have seen is the open dialogue between crew members and management. Our workforce is empowered to bring ideas and practices forward for the better of the company.

5. What does safety mean to you?

Safety is extremely important to me. There are two quotes that I lead safety with: “Culture is what leads when no one is watching,” and “carefulness costs you nothing, carelessness may cost you your life.”