Northeast Continuous Improvement Team 4: Peer Guidance

In 2018, the Continuous Improvement (CI) Team 4: Peer Guidance was formed to help develop and strategize a new way to how the division could improve their engagement and training processes with new hires and transfers.

After spending approximately, a year developing and piloting out their Peer Guidance processes CIT 4 implemented the new hire training at their 2019 Regional Kick-Off Meetings. Peer Guidance can be best described as:

“New hire” or “transfer” to feel welcomed, safe and valued as part of our company and the team(s) they will be working with. This will be done with help of existing employees becoming “Peer Guides”.

The training consists of a mentor from each respected Northeast region in which they guide the new hire or transfer to a better understanding of what their job expectations are, provide continual communication of job tasks and questions, and educate the individual in our safety culture and CI processes. While forming a level of comfortability and building confidence within the new hire or transfer.

CIT 4: PEER GUIDANCE MEMBERS – Front row: Kevin Runyan, Associate Accountant (IA); Jackie Kenealy, Associate Accountant (NYN); Joseph Silver, Ready Mix Driver (UMI); Brian Schweikert, Laborer (IA) | Back row: Jack Patterson, Operator (NYC); Steve Coons, Plant Operator (UMI); Joshua Walters, Laborer (NYN); Robert Stewart, Bookkeeper (NYC)