Employee Spotlight: Nate Pichette

Upstone Materials, Inc. welcomed Nate in 2018.

Since graduating from Clarkson University, Nate Pichette knew that he belonged in the environmental field. He has contributed to a variety of environmental projects; many of them relating to remediation. When he was hired at Upstone, he made the decision to go down a different path in the environmental field, working more on the proactive side of the job in hopes that he could assist in prevention of environmental impacts rather than remediation of them.

As an Environmental Coordinator, Nate’s main responsibilities include safety, permits, reports, environmental audits, and verifying that Upstone complies with associated environmental agencies. In order to maintain this compliance, Nate works closely with the following agencies: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Division of Mineral Resources, Division of Air, Division of Water, Environmental Remediation (PBS), and the Environmental Protection Agency. Nate thinks the most rewarding aspect of his job is that it allows him to reduce environmental impact while providing products and services to everyone. Through Nate’s experience, he assists Upstone in improving the environment through their jobs by monitoring and sampling their outfalls at the locations with Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPPs), monitoring the atmosphere at the sites per specific air permits, and monthly site audits.

Nate talks about his role as Environmental Coordinator