Employee Spotlight: Tom Lawson

Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. welcomed Tom Lawson in 2016.

As the Safety/Environmental Coordinator, Tom’s responsibilities include working with the Plant Superintendents and Managers to maintain compliance with the state and federal regulations, as well as permit management and training. While tasked with these job responsibilities Tom regularly interacts with the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Tom states, “The most rewarding part about my job is knowing that I work for a company that believes in protecting the environment.” With the assistance of Tom’s expertise the Midland offices have been more eco-friendly in ways such as moving towards LED for lighting their facilities, recycling cans and bottles, and recycling job related materials.

Thank you, for all of your hard work and dedication to paving the road to eco-friendlier ways!