Employee Spotlight: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell joined Barrett Paving Materials Midwest Central in 2017.

Since becoming the Environmental Coordinator for the region, Kristen’s responsibilities include spending a lot of time walking around job sites, talking to employees, and collecting paperwork. Her other job responsibilities include assisting in getting permits for the different types of projects at the plants and making sure they are having the right testing done to keep those permits. By interacting with the employees, Kristen gathers the necessary information needed to make sure that Barrett MWC complies with the rules & regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies such as The Army Corps of Engineers.

In a variety of ways, Barrett MWC does a great job at recycling. Some of the Midwest recycling projects include the emissions that are generated when asphalt cement is made or aggregated is mined, help keep emissions out of the air, with equipment such as water trucks or baghouses, and many of our inactive sites help provide food & shelter for local wildlife.

“It’s knowing that I can make a difference in the world”

Since working for Barrett MWC, the most rewarding part of Kristen’s job is knowing that she is making a difference in the local environment. Whether she is making sure, the jobs are in 100% compliance, educating the community and her peers as to why we have rules, to assisting in developing sustainability programs.